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Dubsquare is a radio-show, a label, a club-night and blog. The radioshow started in 2006 on Vienna’s free radio Radio Orange 94.0 and has been on a weekly slot on Sub FM between 2008 and December 2011. In 2008 Dubsquare Records was established, representing a deep, dark and percussive end of underground dance musics. The bi-lingual blog Dubsquare.net complements all of these activities, providing additional background information.

Artists on the label:
Boris, Ca.tter, El Rakkas, IZC, Rer Repeter

Remixes for the label:
Double Helix (LHF), Pomassl

Boogizm (Berlin), BWO! Crew (Bratislava), Disko404 (Graz), Elevate Festival (Graz), Freak Camp (Berlin), Jay-S (Vienna/Lisboa), Offseason (Graz), Simon/off (Graz), Sounding Functions (Vienna), Transition Studios (London)

Guests on the show (since 2006):
2Krazy, Amen Ra (LHF), Atomique, Biomat, BLO, Boris, b.tah, Burn Those IDLE Circles, Chris Fader, Cid Rim, Clonious, c0p, Ca.tter, Cee (Al Haca), Davox, Detlef Dakar, Disrupt (Jahtari Riddim Force), doze, Element012, El Rakkas, Evirgen, Feelipa, Franjazzco (aka Franz ‘Jazzin’ Otto), Gumilap, Hitney Wouston, Ike Release, Jay-S, Johnny Rocket, Jojo, J-Trex, Koe, Kulix, Lexxus, Melkeveien, Mesak, Mohak, Mosch, M-Step, Mundo, Pavan, PDF, Plak, Radak, Radical, Rak3te, Re-lay, Ren, Renegade Steele, Resista, Robbing Hood, Roswell, Se.vero, Sci-fi Trackers, Sigha, Sprutbass, Shutcoo, Silent.wolf, Simon/off, Skratch, Slack Hippy, S-Max, Soom T, Telewell, TRG, Vibezin, Waddada, Whistla, Zvonko

Guests in the club (since 2007):
Amen Ra (LHF), BB, Biomat, BLO, Boris, Burn Those IDLE Circles, C++, c0p, Ca.tter, Detlef Dakar, Double Helix (LHF), Dubster, El Rakkas, Goth-Trad, Ike Release, IZC, Jay-S, J-Trex, Koe, Lexxus, Madd, Mohak, M-Step, Mundo, PSI-Mono, Radak, Radical, Rak3te, Robbing Hood, Sci-fi Trackers, Sigha, Silent.wolf, Simon/off, Skeleton, Slack Hippy, Sowjet, Telewell, Vibezin, Whistla

Thanks to everyone supporting the project.

Dubsquare.net is making heavy use of open source software, namely WordPress and Debian GNU/Linux. It wouldn’t exist without it. Big shouts to all those contributing to these projects!

This website is published by Dubsquare – Verein zur Förderung transmedialer Kunst- und Kulturproduktion (Vienna, Austria).

For all enquiries please contact: info(at)dubsquare.net

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