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Dubsquare Intl. (December 9, 2009)
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dsq dec 9

Whistla (Sub FM/L2S/Ox Rider, London)

» I’m Whistla I run Sub.FM (under the alias Atari-420), I run L2S Recordings, the Future Garage Forum and Future Garage Facebook Page. I’ve been DJing properly since 97, and have been producing for the same length of time. I got into music from raving to hardcore back in the early 90′s and as I got older decided to start producing and DJing for myself, rather than just being a listener/raver. I first got into radio by playing on pirate station Addiction FM, which I then started to assist in the management of until it folded.

I then moved to Eruption FM and moved away from hardcore and into the early breaks and growing garage scenes. I guess my “progress” through music has been pretty “nuum-ish” except that I never did the dnb thing, I went from hardcore to garage & breaks, d&b was always a little too fast for my taste. In 2000 I went on a long travelling spree and went all over Asia and lived in Australia for a while. Once I got back, I got straight back into doing the music thing, this was the very early Forward days, I was playing in various places that had fluid music policies, where i would play dark garage, some breaks, and some classics.

It was at this time I started Sub.FM, I had always wanted to do an internet pirate ever since the early broadcasts that Interface did. Once I started the station, the ball really started to roll, and dubstep became the name for what I was playing, and the growth of the station spurred me on in my own productions and I guess that takes us up to where I am now. You can hear me playing every two months at my residency @ Superdubpressure in Brighton, I also regularly play all over London and the UK, you can catch me @ the next Woofer Attack, and also on my European tour to Vienna and Kiev this December. «

(Whistla in an interview for Blackdown, November 2009)

» With the garage revival now in full swing, a ruck of former dubstep purists are latching onto the upful vibes and direct drive of garage, 2-step and swung 4/4 to replace to torpid pressure of halfstep subbass and ultra sparse riddims. Whistla’s ’420 Lockdown’ EP easily slots into this new wave with four charmingly ruff ‘n ready steppers, from the tougher Steve Gurley syncopations of the title track, to the cartoonish ‘What You Want’ or old skool roller ‘Steelface’ with itchy drums and a darker 4/4 garage rush. The track of the EP has to be ‘Sway’, swivelling on some well slippery hi-hat shuffles with an oddly wonky metallic riff and playful polyrhythms sounding somewhere between Artwork and Warlock. «

(Boomkat on Whistla’s Lockdown 420 EP)

Slack Hippy (Dogs Bollocks/FM4, Vienna)

London born but long-time Vienna-resident Slack Hippy started DJing around 1990. Performing regularly in clubs such as the legendary Space Jungle in the early 90s, he was among the first DJs to embrace the dark 2-Step sounds of Steve Gurley, Ghost Crew, Horsepower and the likes from around 2000. Hosting his monthly radioshow Dogs Bollocks together with Metalheadz’ D.Kay on Austrian National Radio FM4, he has become one of the most significan representatives of bass-driven dancemusic between 80 and 180 bpm – not only in Austria, but the whole of Central Europe.

Jay-S (Garage Sessions/Play FM, Vienna)

Strolling around on the old Dubplate.net forum ever since – in a way the predecessor of todays omnipresent Dubstepforum – Jay-S has always followed the developments of the UK hardcore continuum very closely. Therefore it’s no surprise that his sets tend to build up like a history lesson, promoting Jungle’s shuffle without neglecting 2-step’s cheeky sides, outweighing Grime’s rawness against Dubstep’s deepness. The same concept can be witnessed every month on his radioshow Garage Sessions on Play FM, where he and his co-hosts – currently DJ Koe – have been presenting the latest UKG mutations since 2004.

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