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Dubsquare Intl. (July 24, 2009)
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dubsquare intl july 24 2009

» Austria, it turns out, has its own thing too, and as one may expect from some of the dub reflective electronic sounds of other regions nearby, the new release by El Rakkas is laden with a mystery and depth which seems to be highly reflective of some lost knowledge related to the way of the dub. We really can’t imagine anything thicker than these tunes right now, in their own way. It almost seems to only have a kinship to the sounds of doom metal, in that it is simply overwhelming, the thickness of it all.

When we first started playing these we thought of them more as beginning of the night type tracks, but once properly amplified, they simply fill every crevice of a room with low end, as if you jumped into a Chuck E Cheese ball pit filled with Bass bubbles. We noticed people wandering towards the dance floor, as if hypnotized by some pied piper. That’s when we knew we had to release these tracks. We will be releasing a remix 12″ of this material as well, featuring a side by LV, and a side by XI. « (Lo Dubs, 2009)

Seas of Disease EP is out now on Lo Dubs Records. Window Liquor/Mass Erectile Dysfunction on Trenchant Dubs Digital and French Connection/Era Ew (DFRNT Remix) on Echodub were released earlier this year.

Budapest resident Peter Simon aka DJ MADD after making his first moves in dubstep his name had been saturated within the scene. With support from Mary Anne Hobbs, Skream, Breakage, Joe Nice, Martyn, 2562, Ikonika etc; his tunes can already be heard in various sets around the globe. MADD’s first dubstep release ‘Numbers’ hit the shops recently on the fresh new label Boombap! Records, followed by a 3 track EP on Boka Records. Releases on Tube 10 and 3.5 Records are due to follow later this year. His DJ sets consist of all flavours from dubsteps repertoire, delivering fresh dubby beats whether it’s a deep roller or pure dance floor filth.

One third of Austrian band of brothers Winterstrand, Simon/off debuting with his Soon EP on Graz’ Houseverbot imprint in 2005. He has been constantly evolving his unique sound, heavily influenced by Dubstep, so-called IDM and related genres of electronic dance music. His current productions are getting DJ support from the likes of DJ Distance and Bunzer0, and his intoxicating live shows have already fascinated audiences in various cities such as London, Berlin, Vienna and last but not least his homebase Graz.

After he has already been performing live at Dubsquare Intl. earlier this year, he’ll be returning for a special back-to-back session with IZC. Dubsquare’s Boris will be opening the night with a mix of Techno, Funky and Experimental sounds.

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