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Dubsquare 007 out now!
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»Twisted, UK post-Dubstep/UK leaning, crispy, dubbed out House«
(Hardwax, Berlin)

label: Dubsquare Records
catalogue number: DSQ-007
artist: Rer Repeter
title: Poison Will Be Hidden EP
side A: Poison Will Be Hidden (11:43)
side B: Shady Sands (4:00), Obviously Everything Has Changed (8:30)
mastering: Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering, Berlin
release date: 11 Nov 2013
format: 12″ vinyl at 33rpm (200 copies, no digital formats)

A1: Poison Will Be Hidden (11:43)
B1: Shady Sands (4:00)
B2: Obviously Everything Has Changed (8:30)

mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering, Berlin
pressing: r.a.n.d. muzik, Leipzig

available here:
Hardwax, Berlin
Honest Jon’s, London
Market, Vienna
Optimal, Munich
Rave Up, Vienna
Red Eye, Ipswich (UK)
Substance, Vienna
Tongues, Vienna
(more shops to be added soon)

or get in touch directly at records(at)dubsquare(dot)net

Cxnlk – Untitled (2008-2013)

(to be continued…)

A snippet of Cxnlk’s forthcoming mixtape-release on Offseason.
Limited Edition of 50 pieces with additional download code.

All tracks written & produced by Samuel Zwerger.
Mastering by Bob ‘Macc’ Macciochi (Subvert Central Mastering, Suffolk)

Label: Offseason
Catalogue Number: OFFT001
Release Date: November 2013

Rer Repeter – Shady Sands
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Rer Repeter – Poison Will Be Hidden EP (Dubsquare 12″ DSQ007)

Side A: Poison Will Be Hidden
Side B: Shady Sands/Obviously Everything Has Changed

Out on 11 Nov 2013.

Elevate Festival 2013
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When the Elevate Festival in Graz started out in 2005, only few would have foreseen a development towards one of the most prolific and interesting events of its kind worldwide. However, that’s exactly what it has become, combining political discussion with a cutting edge music programme – something you wont find elsewhere.
Elevate 2013
Elevate Festival 2013: Oct 23 – 27 in Graz

This year’s programme features a wide palette of artists such as Jon Hopkins (Domino Records, on the opening night on Wednesday) Cut Hands (Blackest Ever Black, No Wave/Industrial Floor on Friday), Dance Mania’s Lil Louis (House Floor on Saturday) alongside yet undiscovered local and international talent. Like already in the past years, the festival has invited artists to curate a stage, this year Dorian Concept (who invited, among others Daedelus from Ninja Tune) and New York’s L.I.E.S. Records (which should guarantee a wicked acid techno experience, yeah!). Furthermore, we’ve got Peverelist on the UK Bass Floor on Saturday, presenting his Livity Sounds project, drone specialists such as Pharmacon as well as Dubsquare very own Rer Repeter and Die Hand, performing on Saturday at the Dungeon and on Friday at the L.I.E.S. Tunnel respectively. Don’t sleep!

Furthermore, there will be plenty of discussions, pannels and workshops on the topic of open source, with a strong focus on the recent revelations by Edward Snowden and Wikileaks. And as far as the music talks are concerned, two discussions will also include Dubsquare, that is a discussion on Feminism and the dance music scene with Electric Indigo and DJ Marcelle on Thursday (8.15pm at the basement of the festival center at Forum Stadtpark) and a pannel on techno and politics with Move D and Tina 303 on Saturday (8.15pm same place). Tight schedule, innit? Ha!

In the making…
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in the making...

Offcast #21: Rer Repeter
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The latest Offcast comes from Rer Repeter, whose “Poison Will Be Hidden EP” is due to be released in October 2013 on Dubsquare Records.

Offcast #21 is also available for download here.

disko404 Radio (8 August 2013)
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You can download the show from the disko404 Website, like and share it at Mixcloud and take a look at the tracklist in the comments.

13 Jan 2013: DIY Label & Release Night
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Sunday, 13 Jan 2013
DIY Label & Release Night
disko404 X Dubsquare X Offseason X Sounding Functions
DJs: Boris, Ca.tter, El Rakkas, IZC, Mstep, Simon/off
@ Elektro Gönner, Vienna (free entry!)

21 Dec 2012: 10 years disko404
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One of Europe’s best and most consistent club nights, disko404, celebrates its 10th birthday! Over the past decade, the Graz-based collective has established an exellent international reputation as one of the most forward-thinking promotors of bass music.

Starting off in Graz’ lively Breakcore/Jungle scene of the early 2000s, the club has never been shy of experiments since its early days. Hence, international labels such as Planet Mu, Hyperdub, Hessle Audio or Night Slugs were featured from the very beginning, alongside local talent from Graz, Zagreb and other parts of central Europe. For the anniversary night, previous guests, fellows and friends will join in to celebrate the night, with artists such as Kode9 or Ben UFO among them.

Kode9 (Hyperdub, London)
Ben UFO (Hessle Audio, London)
Funk Guru & Phillipe (cfsn, Zagreb)
Zanshin (Affine)
IZC (Dubsquare)
El Rakkas (Offseason)
Tetsuo (sound.kasten)
disko404 DJs (B.L.O., doze, feelipa, finna, franjazzco, jabok aka any maniac, mike fidel, simon/off, SlickDevlan, zvonko)

The party starts at 10pm at Niesenberger, Graz.

Declaration of Support and Solidarity with the Refugees in Protest
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Refugee March

On 24th November, a large group of refugees marched for 8 hours from Traiskirchen to Vienna to make their political demands heard. They’ve set up a protest camp at Sigmund Freud Park on the same Saturday, so as to raise their voices at the heart of the Austrian capital and finally speak for themselves.

Their initiative draws our attention to the fact that there are rampant deficiencies to the legal proceedings as well as basic provisions for people seeking Asylum in Austria. Despite their precarious status and the looming threat of deportation, the protesting refugees are fighting for their human rights – they’re standing up against intransparent legal proceedings and restrictive laws. So they put forth the following demands for dignified living conditions:

As concerning the juridicial procedure of seeking asylum, they request better qualified translators; more access to information and judicial advice in their own language; a quicker handling of their cases; the recognition of their refugee status; and the right to family reunion. They oppose transfers to remote and isolated dwellings and reject deportations generally.

Moreover, they are demanding to have access to the labour market while their court cases are ongoing.

As concerns the improvement of their basic provisions and services, they demand better access to health care; the accompanimient of translators when going to the doctor; that there be sufficient and healthy food at the camp; that there be better working conditions in Traiskirchen; that their children be allowed to visit regular Austrian schools; that they have access to modern communication technologies (Internet, international TV channels) at the camp; and that there be more opportunities for them to learn german and get professional training there.

You can sign this declaration here.

Refugee March

The story behind the refugee-camp and a detailed chronic of eventsis well documented at www.no-racism.net.

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