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Daniel Hafner: Modern Man
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12 Jun – 27 Jul 2014, Hala umenia Košice, Slovakia

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Echos from The Black Atlantic

Steve Goodman aka Kode 9’s blog on sonic warfare, including a few videos showing sound-weapons used against protesters during the G20-protests in Pittsburg in September 2009.

Mike Davis’ 1992 book Urban Control – The Ecology of Fear in an online version.

Ultra-red Collective, Los Angeles

ultra-red Founded in 1994 by two AIDS activists, Ultra-red have over the years expanded to include artists, researchers and organisers from different social movements including the struggles of migration, anti-racism, participatory community development, and the politics of HIV/AIDS.
Collectively, the group have produced radio broadcasts, performances, recordings, installations, texts and public space actions (ps/o). Exploring acoustic space as enunciative of social relations, Ultra-red take up the acoustic mapping of contested spaces and histories utilising sound-based research (termed Militant Sound Investigations) that directly engage the organizing and analyses of political struggles.

Robert Henke’s art-istallation Sonic Crowd Management for Pudel Art Basel in August 2009.

Fortress Europe, Borderline Europe, No Racism.net

According to the following press review at least 14,860 people have died since 1988 along the european frontiers. Among them 6,441 were missing in the sea. 10,870 migrants died in the Mediterranean sea, and through the Atlantic Ocean towards Spain, and 1.691 lost their life trying to cross Sahara desert in order to reach Europe.

Renée Green’s exhibition Endless Dreams and Water Between at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London from early 2009.

endless dreams and water between

At globaldarkness.com you can find an interesting article on Drexciya, providing a good overview of their idea of liquid dystopia as well as of their musical output. For more detailed information, Drexciya Research Lab is an excellent source. Interestingly, the music by Heinrich Müller – one half of Drexcyia – have recently appeared in a Dubstep-context, namely in the form of remixes for A Made Up Sound/2562 and Rustie.

Elaine Morgan’s Acquatic Ape Theory.

aquatic apedrexcyia

Wassoulou music from the West African region of the same name, which can be found in your local CD-distributor as well as on blogs such as Awesome Tapes From Africa. Also Honest Jons Records have released an amazing best-of album of Kokanko Sata from Mali.

Maya Deren’s text Meditation on Violence.

The work of Vienna-based Theatercombinat has been centered around classic tragecy for the past four years, enacting The Persians, Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, Racine’s Phèdre and Jellinek’s Bambiland. In 2481 desaster zone all four texts from more than 2000 years were combined for one performance.

theatercombinat bambilandtheatercombinat bambilandtheatercombinat bambiland

Abashanti plays a righteous dub plate, sounding like church bells ringing 20,000 leagues under the sea: a collection of statements by Dub pioneers from the Sonic Warfare blog. Kode 9’s Groovetech Radioshow from around 2002.

Space Is the Place

Space Is the Place (written by Sun Ra & Joshua Smith, directed by John Coney, USA 1974, 84′)


US detention center architecture
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campbell county
Campbell County Detention Center

Los Angeles Metropolitan Detention Center

Hillsborough Regional Juvenile Detention Center West (Tampa, Florida)

ft suse, iraq
Ft. Suse Detention Center, Iraq

Miami Federal Detention Center

Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007)

Find lots of material on the composer at his official website.

Interview with Stockhausen:

Stockhausen on sounds:

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Jungle AAA Manifesto


1) The development of breakbeatscience
2) The promotion of psychoaudiology
3) The mythopoetics of the junglenaut
4) The terrorization of gravity
5) The encouragement of space piracy
6) The destruction of house, capitalism, fascism & NASA
7) Breakdancing in space
8) The glorification of the sub-sonic bassline

(full manifesto here)

Drexciya’s Atlantis


In case You’re not afraid of the evolution, check out the Drexciya Research Lab and the associated blog. There’s also a brief text on Drexciya online, it’s an excerpt of Kodwo Eshun’s More Brilliant Than The Sun. A discography of Dexciya can be found here, some mp3-snips of still-available records there.

Chen Yi


Between 1978 and 1984 the Chen Yi-Commune existed as a closed subsystem in London. In 1982 a LP with seven tracks was published by CBS, some unreleased material from the early 80s is now being released on 90% Wasser. MP3-excerpts here.

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