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Mstep (Sounding Functions)
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General info (en):
Actively taking part of Vienna’s electronic music underground since 1995, MSTEP’s basslines where featured on several releases on Pulsinger & Tunakan’s label Cheap Entertainment. His first appearance in 1996 was on Puta, a track on the album Carrera by Sluts & Strings & 909 in 1996. Besides being a live/studio bassist on projects such as B.Low, Restaurant Tracks and Louie Austen, MSTEP released music with his band 550 Rondy and with the lo-ser gameboy pocketnoise-project on Cheap Entertainment and on Temp~ Records. In 2011 MSTEP finally launched his own label Sounding Functions and there are also tracks forthcoming on Phlox Records, a label run by GD Luxxe, Hans Platzgumer & Martin Dibek.

General info (de):
STEP ist seit 1995 als DJ und Musiker in der Wiener Elektronikmusikszene aktiv. Als Live- und Studiobassist war er an verschiedenen Projekten von Pulsinger & Tunakan beteiligt (Sluts & Strings & 909, B.Low, Restaurant Tracks, Louie Austen u. a.). Eigene Produktionen veröffentlichte er mit seiner Band “550 Rondy” sowie dem lo-ser gameboy pocketnoise-Projekt auf Cheap Entertainment und Temp~ Records. Seit 2011 arbeitet MSTEP an seinem Label Sounding Functions sowie an Tracks für das von Gerhard Potuznik, Hans Platzgumer & Martin Dibek betriebene Label Phlox.


(jpeg, 640 x 480px, 83kb)

Sluts’n’Strings & 909 – Puta (Cheap Records, 12 CHEAP 21, 2×12″, 1997)
Madonna – Nothing Really Matters / Kruder & Dorfmeister Remix (Maverick, 2×12″, 1999)
Pulsinger & Tunakan – Schwanensee Remixed (Volksoper, CD, 1999)
550 Rondy – Yes We’ve Got Rhythm (Cheap Records, 12 CHEAP 36, 12″, 2001)
550 Rondy – Quart/Fancin (Cheap Records, CHEAP BONUS 04, 7″, 2001)
Various – Jerome Pacman’s Family (Families Records, AFCD 06, CD, 2003)
Catarina Pratter & The Rondies – Maybe You Don’t Exist (SueMi 10, 12″/CD, 2004)
550 Rondy – My Critical Hertz (Temp Records, TMPCD 001, CD, 2004)
550 Rondy – In Peanuts We Trust (Temp Records, TMP 008, 12″, 2006)

Simon/off (Disko404/Phuture Shock)
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General info (en):
Simon/off is a producer from Graz in Austria, who has been quietly making a name for himself doing deep, percussive, jazzy and breaksy influenced dubstep lately. (BassmusicBlog)

After debuting with his Soon EP on Graz’ Houseverbot imprint in 2005, he has been constantly evolving his unique sound, heavily influenced by Broken Beats, Techno and IDM-ish sounds. Over the last years Simon’s music enjoyed support by artists like Dj Distance, Boomnoise, Bunzero, Rob Booth, Oli Marlow, Whistla and many more. His intoxicating live-shows and DJ-Sets have already fascinated audiences all across Europe. In 2010 his tunes could be found on labels like Haunted Audio, Echodub and Paradise Lost. The intricate and funky drum work of his productions brought him attention of Bristols well respected Immerse Records where he released an EP in October 2010. In 2011/12 more releases on Bristols Phuture Shock Musik, US-based label Haunted Audio, Paris’ B.yrslf followed.

Interview for Sonic Router (english / 2010).
Interview for Skug magazine #87 (german / 2011).
Interview for Immersed Audio (english / 2011).

www.listn.to/Simonoff (facebook)
E-Mail: simonoff(at)winterstrand(dot)net

(jpeg, 453 x 604px, 46kb)


(Dubsquare Podcast #2 – ’94/’95 Jungle-Special, January 2011, strictly vinyl)


Simon/off – Soon EP (Hausverbot 01, 12″, 2005)
Simon/off – Crime EP (Plain Productions, pp025me, digital, 2007)
Simon/Off – Realize It / Think For Yourself (Haunted Audio, HAR 101, digital, 2009)
Simon/Off – Resist EP (Haunted Audio, HAR 110, digital, 2010)
Simon/off – Forever (Immerse Records, IME 021, 12″, 2010)
Simon/off – Planetary Communication EP (Phuture Shock Musik, PSM005, 12″, 2011)
Simon/Off – Exit Space EP (Haunted Audio Recordings, HAR130, 2012)

» The use of percussion is as interesting as anything the Hessle lot put together. « (DJ Mag, UK)
» “On arette tout” pflegt einen Funk, wie in zuletzt Photek perfektioniert hat, ist dabei aber weniger fordernd, sondern eher auf die Magie des Offbeats fokusiert. Hell yeah, mehr davon. « (Thaddi/De:Bug, Berlin)
» Das ist ebenso deep wie magisch und klingt so lässig nach nichts anderem. « (Bleed/De:Bug, Berlin)
» We were taken aback by the intricate drum work « (Oli Marlow/Sonic Router, London)
» Excellent techy electronics & breakbeats infected left field dubstep « (Hardwax, Berlin)
» For fans of Hessle Audio, 4 Hero and the Mindset crew « (Boomkat, Manchester)
» Defintely one for the weirdo crowd! « (Superdefekt/WhatPeoplePlay, DE)
» Quite original in the midst of all the dub(step) techno we get at the moment « (AdNoiseam, DE)

DJ/Live-sets (selection):
K4, Kset, Sirup (HR), Tundra Festival (LT), Dispatch Festival (RS), Subclub (SK), Twins Club, Pasha, Black Betty (BG), about:blank, Freakcamp, Moritzbastei (DE), Frison, Bad Bonn, Stall 6 (CH), Arena, Couch Club, Disko404, Elevate Festival, Sub Club Flex, Fluc, Niesenberger, Postgarage, Rhiz, Spring Festival, Wuk (AT)

Jay-S (Play FM)
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General info (en):
Strolling around on the old Dubplate.net forum ever since Jay-S has always been following the developments of the UK hardcore continuum very closely. Therefore it’s no surprise that his sets tend to build up like a history lesson, promoting Jungle’s shuffle without neglecting 2-step’s cheeky sides, outweighing Grime’s rawness against Dubstep’s deepness. The same concept can be witnessed every month on his radioshow Garage Sessions on Play FM, where he and his co-hosts – currently DJ Koe – have been presenting the latest UKG mutations since 2004. Lately he has been diving into some of Africa’s exploding electronic dance-music scenes such as Kuduro or Funana resulting in a monthly radioshow called “What’s the World Dancing to”.

E-Mail: dj_jay_s(at)hotmail.com

(jpeg, 340 x 400, 20kb)


(What’s The World Dancing To Radioshow, November 2010)

El Rakkas (Off Season/Dubsquare/Lo Dubs)
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General info (en):
El Rakkas, a DJ/producer duo from Graz, have become widely respected for their magnificent back-2-back DJ-sessions over the past years. Thereby, they consequently blend various Breakbeat styles with Techno music. This 130ish realm is also fundamental for their own productions, which are always deep and yet dancefloor-orientated. After their 2009 debut on the US label Lo Dubs, their “Extremely Cheap And Effective EP” was released on Dubsquare Records in 2010.

General info (de):
El Rakkas, ein DJ/Producer Duo aus Graz, hat sich in den letzten Jahren vor allem mit ihren einzigartigen back-2-back DJ-Sessions einen Namen gemacht. In ihren Sets verbinden sie konsequent diverse Breakbeats und Techno, eine Mischung die auch die Basis ihrer eigenen Produktionen bildet, deep und Dancefloor-orientiert zugleich. Nach ihren Debüt 2009 auf dem US-Label Lo Dubs, erschien 2010 ihre “Extremely Cheap And Effective EP” auf Dubsquare Records.

E-Mail: el.rakkas(at)gmx.at

el rakkas
(jpeg, 300 x 255, 33kb)


(Disko404 Podcast #26, March 2011)

El Rakkas – Seas Of Disease (Lo Dubs, LODUBS-1209014, 12″, 2009)
El Rakkas – Window Liquor / Mass Erectile Dysfunktion (Trenchant Dubs, TDUBSDIGI004, digital, 2009)
El Rakkas / DFRNT – French Connection / Mucho Mojo (Echodub, EDUB009, digital, 2009)
El Rakkas – Seas Of Disease / I & I Remixes (Lo Dubs, LODUBS-1209017, 12″, 2010)
El Rakkas – Extremely Cheap And Effective (Dubsquare Records, DSQ 004, 12″, 2010)

» unrelenting rhythm synocpated with distant bleeps and stabs is a heads down bubbler (…) 2 step swing to get your head rolling (…) techno infused future garage on tip of its own « (Underground Dweller, Bristol)
» Far out EP on the edge of avant dubstep, industrial techno & sparse UK garage – TIP! « (Hardwax, Berlin)
» a dark dubstep meditation on urban ambience and tricky, polyrhythmic drum programming (…) sick twelve « (Boomkat, Manchester)
» grows with each listen « (Clone Records, Rotterdam)
» Experimental working stuff « (Space Hall, Berlin)
» intricate drum and synth patterns like no other producers in the dubstep scene « (Trenchant Dubs/Palatine, US)
» dark tech-step release « (Drowning in Drones, Vienna)
» I rep El Rakkas in my radio show and in gigs cause it is nothing less than quality « (BunZer0, Brussels)

DJ-sets (selection):
2010: Dubsquare Intl (Wien), skaLA (Graz), bigMAMA (Graz), Elektrophil (Graz), Elevate Tour (Graz), Springfestival (Graz), Styrian Stylez Festival (Graz)
2009: Wilsonic Festival (Bratislava), Dubsquare Intl (Wien), Elevate Tour (Zagreb/Wien), Elevate Festival (Graz), Springfestival (Graz), Styrian Stylez Festival (Graz), COTN/Schaumbad (Graz), disko404 (Graz)
2008: Freakcamp/VCF (Berlin), BWO/Subclub (Bratislava), Bad Bonn (Fribourg), Elevate Festival (Graz), Dubsquare Intl (Wien), ~temp festival (Wien), Arena (Wien), Atzg-O-Vestern/Brut (Wien), luv (Graz), disko404 (Graz), Bassic Instinct (Graz), COTN (Graz), Styrian Stylez Festival (Graz)
2007 & earlier: Deep Medi Night (Graz), disko404 (Graz), luv (Graz), Solid Steel (Graz)


Ca.tter (Dubsquare/Sounding Functions)
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General info (en):
Originally coming from Experimental/Techno, Ca.tter first attracted attention as one third of 550 Rondy and their 2001 release on Vienna’s legendary Cheap Entertainment imprint, with two more EPs subsequently following on temp~records. In 2004 Catarina Pratter’s first solo-release came out on Berlin-based label SueMi, contributions to Gudrun Gut’s Monika Enterprise and Electric Indigo’s Female Pressure Compilations followed. Being strongly infected by Dubstep, Catarina Pratter’s productions started to embrace a newly found darkness around 2006. As Ca.tter her roots are still clearly audible not least in form of a endlessly skanking hi-head, while the structure of her sounds has immersed into the infinite darkness of bass-culture.

E-Mail: cati(at)lo-res(dot)org

550 Rondy – Yes We’ve Got Rhythm (Cheap Records, 12 CHEAP 36, 12″, 2001)
550 Rondy – Quart/Fancin (Cheap Records, CHEAP BONUS 04, 7″, 2001)
Various – Jerome Pacman’s Family (Families Records, AFCD 06, CD, 2003)
Catarina Pratter & The Rondies – Maybe You Don’t Exist (SueMi 10, 12″/CD, 2004)
Various – Shenanigans (La Mue Records, LA MUE 01, LP, 2004)
550 Rondy – My Critical Hertz (Temp Records, TMPCD 001, CD, 2004)
Various – 4 Women No Cry Vol. 1 (Monika Enterprises, MONIKA 42, 2xLP/CD, 2005)
Various – Landsleute Remixe (Monika Enterprises, MONIKA 43, 12″, 2005)
550 Rondy – In Peanuts We Trust (Temp Records, TMP 008, 12″, 2006)
Various – Open:Sounds Vienna (female:pressure, FP1, CD, 2006)
Ca.tter – No Head (Dubsquare Records, DSQ 002, 12″, 2008)
Ca.tter – 4th Motion (Dubsquare Records, DSQ 004, 12″, 2010)

» Warm techno/electro rooted techy dubstep related EP « (Hardwax, Berlin)
» Very nice and mysterious working Dubstep / Techno « (Space Hall, Berlin)
» 4 Slammertracks von Catarina Pratter, die sehr lockere assoziative Grooves mit einem massiven Fundament einsetzt und mit queren Melodieparts anreichert, die einen irgendswie in einer Stimmung gefangen halten, die zwischen upliftendem Moshen und gut gelauntem Sehnen immer wieder herausragend ist. Brilliante Platte, auch die zweite. Ein Label, von dem man noch viel hören wird. « (Bleed/Debug, Berlin)

IZC (Dubsquare/disko404/Offseason)
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General info (en):
Chris Hessle aka IZC has been active as DJ, promoter, blogger, and radio-host since 1995. He runs Dubsquare Records and his music was published on labels such as disko404 and Offseason. Apart from his blog Dubsquare.net, IZC writes regularly for the music magazine Skug since 2012. In his DJ-sets, he is interested mainly in the raw and percussive aspects of genres such as Chicago House and Grime.

General info (de):
Chris Hessle aka IZC ist seit 1995 als DJ, Veranstalter, Blogger und Radiomacher aktiv. Er betreibt das Label Dubsquare Records und veröffentlichte auf Labels wie disko404 und Offseason. Neben seinem Blog Dubsquare.net schreibt IZC seit 2012 regelmäßig für die Musikzeitschrift Skug. In seinen DJ-Sets interessiert er sich für die rohen und perkussiven Aspekte von Musikrichtungen wie Chicago House und Grime.

E-Mail: izc(at)dubsquare(dot)net


IZC – Sand EP (Dubsquare Records, DSQ-001, 12″, 2008)
IZC – Arctic Dawn EP (Dubsquare Records, DSQ-003, 12″, 2009)
Tony Ollivierra – Stingray / IZC Remix (Exchange Bureau Music, EBM-020, digital, 2009)
IZC – 5 AM (Offseason, OFF-002, 7″, 2012)
IZC – Tacky’s Revolt EP (Dubsquare Records, DSQ-006, 12″, 2012)
IZC – Zig-Zag EP (disko404 Records, DISKO606, 2014)

»relentless feeling of dread« (XLR8R, USA)
»a shot of future darkness that makes the chrome and smoke of Blade Runner seem like a tanning salon« (Bleep.com, UK)
»a world of killer sub hits, cold Grime rhythms and colder-still synth work« (Hyponik.com, UK)
»sort of a mutant techno that owes as much to the off-kilter tinkerings of Mark Fell as it does to the dancefloor« (Ear Influxion, UK)
»a selection of raw, off the grid hardware productions that lurches between off-kilter techno and gnarled grime while maintaining a bleary-eyed swagger throughout« (Liminal Sounds, UK)
»Fresh, sparse, percussive, original Dubstep rooted & UK Funky leaning EP« (Hardwax, Berlin)
»encapsulating the dance floor in pleasure (…) unique and interesting« (Resident Advisor, Japan)
» different styled & tricky grooving dubstep – TIP! « (Hardwax, Berlin)
» cheeky digi-dub melodies and screwed rhtyhm (…) finely diced dubstep with heavy traces of IDM « (Boomkat, Manchester)
» Nice doped experimental Dubstep Dungeons – TIP! « (Space Hall, Berlin)
» unheralded ferocity « (Beatport, denver)
» Der erste Track wirkt auf mich ein wenig wie ein 2Step Detroitsound, den es nie – warum? – gegeben hat. Vertrackte Melodien wie zu den besten Zeiten von Morgan Geist, an die sich heutzutage kaum noch wer erinnert, eigentümliche Grooves, in denen schon mal eine einsame Cowbell heldenhaft aufblitzt, dann so ein deep-verwirrtes Stück galaktischer Housemusik für den Jungle – ich musste erst noch mal nachsehen, ob die Platte wirklich aus dieser Zeit stammt. « (Bleed/Debug, Berlin)

DJ-sets (selection):
2014: Celeste (Wien)
2013: Dom im Berg (Graz), Parkhouse (Graz), Fluc (Wien), Rhiz (Wien), Elektro Gönner (Wien)
2012: 4 živly (Banská Štiavnica/Slovakia), Niesenberger (Graz), Parkhouse (Graz), Rhiz (Wien), Celeste (Wien)
2011: Element (Previdza/Slovakia), EKH (Vienna), Fluc_wanne (Wien), KC Dunaj (Bratislava), Musicbox (Lisboa), Muv (Lisboa), Parkhouse (Graz), Project (Innsbruck), Radost (Bratislava), Sketch (Merano/Italy)
2010: BWO! TV (Bratislava), About Blank (Berlin), Dunkel (Copenhagen)
2009: Medika (Zagreb), Sub Club (Bratislava), Mono (Budapest), Kino (Pécs, HU),
2008: Sub Club (Bratislava), Elevate Festival (Graz), Earthdance Festival (Pécs/Hungary), VCF (Berlin), Bad Bonn (Fribourg, CH), Radio Orange 94.0, Radio FM4, Play FM (all Vienna), Temp Festival (Greifenstein/Austria)
2007 & earlier: Fri-son (Fribourg/Switzerland), Mexe (Lisboa), LX (Lisboa), Golden Pudel Club (Hamburg), Convex TV (Berlin), Reboot Radio (Berlin), Tilos Radio (Budapest), Subotron/Flex (Vienna), Happy/WUK (Vienna), PublixTheatreCaravan (Vienna & Lendava/Slovenia)


elevate tour 2009

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