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8 Aug 2014: Waterfront Sesh
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Waterfront Sesh 2014

Elevate Festival 2013
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When the Elevate Festival in Graz started out in 2005, only few would have foreseen a development towards one of the most prolific and interesting events of its kind worldwide. However, that’s exactly what it has become, combining political discussion with a cutting edge music programme – something you wont find elsewhere.
Elevate 2013
Elevate Festival 2013: Oct 23 – 27 in Graz

This year’s programme features a wide palette of artists such as Jon Hopkins (Domino Records, on the opening night on Wednesday) Cut Hands (Blackest Ever Black, No Wave/Industrial Floor on Friday), Dance Mania’s Lil Louis (House Floor on Saturday) alongside yet undiscovered local and international talent. Like already in the past years, the festival has invited artists to curate a stage, this year Dorian Concept (who invited, among others Daedelus from Ninja Tune) and New York’s L.I.E.S. Records (which should guarantee a wicked acid techno experience, yeah!). Furthermore, we’ve got Peverelist on the UK Bass Floor on Saturday, presenting his Livity Sounds project, drone specialists such as Pharmacon as well as Dubsquare very own Rer Repeter and Die Hand, performing on Saturday at the Dungeon and on Friday at the L.I.E.S. Tunnel respectively. Don’t sleep!

Furthermore, there will be plenty of discussions, pannels and workshops on the topic of open source, with a strong focus on the recent revelations by Edward Snowden and Wikileaks. And as far as the music talks are concerned, two discussions will also include Dubsquare, that is a discussion on Feminism and the dance music scene with Electric Indigo and DJ Marcelle on Thursday (8.15pm at the basement of the festival center at Forum Stadtpark) and a pannel on techno and politics with Move D and Tina 303 on Saturday (8.15pm same place). Tight schedule, innit? Ha!

13 Jan 2013: DIY Label & Release Night
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Sunday, 13 Jan 2013
DIY Label & Release Night
disko404 X Dubsquare X Offseason X Sounding Functions
DJs: Boris, Ca.tter, El Rakkas, IZC, Mstep, Simon/off
@ Elektro Gönner, Vienna (free entry!)

21 Dec 2012: 10 years disko404
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One of Europe’s best and most consistent club nights, disko404, celebrates its 10th birthday! Over the past decade, the Graz-based collective has established an exellent international reputation as one of the most forward-thinking promotors of bass music.

Starting off in Graz’ lively Breakcore/Jungle scene of the early 2000s, the club has never been shy of experiments since its early days. Hence, international labels such as Planet Mu, Hyperdub, Hessle Audio or Night Slugs were featured from the very beginning, alongside local talent from Graz, Zagreb and other parts of central Europe. For the anniversary night, previous guests, fellows and friends will join in to celebrate the night, with artists such as Kode9 or Ben UFO among them.

Kode9 (Hyperdub, London)
Ben UFO (Hessle Audio, London)
Funk Guru & Phillipe (cfsn, Zagreb)
Zanshin (Affine)
IZC (Dubsquare)
El Rakkas (Offseason)
Tetsuo (sound.kasten)
disko404 DJs (B.L.O., doze, feelipa, finna, franjazzco, jabok aka any maniac, mike fidel, simon/off, SlickDevlan, zvonko)

The party starts at 10pm at Niesenberger, Graz.

Nov 10, 2011: Dubsquare @ Raw/Fluc_wanne + podcast
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The lovely guys from Raw invited us to Fluc_wanne, hence Mstep, IZC and probably also Ca.tter will be playing out there on November 10th. There’s also an exclusive podcast mixed by IZC available on soundcloud.com/izc or rawvie.com:


HHY & The Macumbas – Legba (Soopa)
DJ Marsta – Outback (Army Bullet)
Kamikaze – Ghetto Kyote (white)
DJ Carmzy – 808 (Black Op’s)
Macabre Unit – Cherry Pop (Slimzos)
Youngsta – Salsa (Musical Mob Royal)
Big $hot – Too Tuff (Southside)
Ramadanman – Don’t Change For Me (Hessle)
DJ Narrows – Be Strong (ANKH)
Double Helix – A96 Flava (dubplate)
Exemen – Storm (Manchu)
Dem 2 – Baby (Locked On)
Walton – Aggy (Hyperdub)
J Sweet – Roadangel (white)
Orson – Madness (Version)
Hindzy D – Flicker (dubplate)
Artifact – Home Alone (Solo)
IZC – 5am (Offseason forthcoming)
Y Tribe – Baby (North West 10)
Jay Weed – City Staccs (Grizzly)
Digital Mystikz – Anti War Dub (DMZ)

September 22, 2011: Dubsquare takin’ over
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For our final night of the season at Parkhouse, we will be joined by S-Max, representing his own label Boogizm as well as Bristol’s Schmorgasbord Records. Having already guested on Dubsquare’s radioshow, it’s his first time to play at a Dubsquare clubnight.

Although he’s currently based in Vienna, it has become increasingly hard to get hold of S-Max recently… not least due to his collaboration with Infrasonics‘ Spacial on Schmorgasbord and Resident Advisor’s recommendation of one of his latest mixes. However, already a long time before he started commuting between London and Berlin, his DJ-performances had been well known for their open-mindedness and upfrontness, while never ever neglecting the dancefloor. And yes, this dancefloor is still made out of good ol’ plastic, not apples!

S-Max behind decks


Bleep EP (10″) Defect Records 1998
Pure Science Of Mind And Matter EP (12″), Below 1999
Fym & S-Max – Streetlevel Surrealizm EP (12″), Boogizm 2001
S-Max & Fym – Funkatizing Galaxies EP (12″), Boogizm 2001
S-Max & Fym – Nuke That Level EP (12″), Boogizm 2001
Fym & S-Max – Bingo Bubble Burner EP (12″), Boogizm 2002
S-Max vs. Paradroid – Chocolate Poodle EP (12″), Over-X-Posure 2002
Fym & S-Max – Walk The Bridge To Cozmic Age EP (12″), Boogizm 2002
S-Max & Fym – Seismic-Stealth-Smurfz (12″), 7th City Records 2002
Resistance Is Futile EP (12″), Over-X-Posure 2004
I Love My Camouflaged Consumerizm EP (12″), Boogizm2004
Make Somebody Happy EP (12″), Telegraph 2005
Limited Remixes (12″), Overdrive 2005
Wake Up To Ape-Like Perfection EP (12″), Boogizm 2005
Free Your Monkeymind EP (12″), Boogizm 2006
S-Max & Fym – Get On / Off Crazy EP (12″), Boogizm 2006
Lovebombing EP (12″), Karloff 2007
Fym And S-Max Play: Astro Hard-Bop (12″) Boogizm 2008
Cosmo Anarchy Vol.1 (12″), Telegraph 2009
Cosmo Anarchy Vol.2 (12″), Telegraph 2009
Citizen Funk – Schaut Honig!/S-Max Remix (12″) Big Bait Records 2011
S-Max & Spatial – Ms. Rosen Dub / Corti (12″) Schmorgasbord 2011

Parkhouse (Summer 2011)
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Element 012
Element 012 & crew live session

Re-lay live session




Ghost in da house!

Day andnight
Parkhouse day & night :)

Aug 19, 2011: Step Forward @ Radost (Bratislava)
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August 25, 2011: Dubsquare takin’ over
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July 21, 2011: Dubsquare takin’ over
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