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disko606 by IZC out now
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»a shot of future darkness that makes the chrome and smoke of Blade Runner seem like a tanning salon« (Bleep, London)

»a relentless feeling of dread«
(XLR8R, San Francisco)

label: disko404 Records
catalogue number: disko606
distribution: Cargo UK
artist: IZC
title: Zig-Zag EP
side A: Zig-Zag (5:15)
side B: Strings 2129 (4:09), Quizzical (4:10)
side X: Untitled (5:24)
mastering: Transition, London
release date: 7 Apr 2014
format: 12″ vinyl + digital formats

12″ available here:
Boomkat, Manchester
Jet Set, Japan
Juno, UK
Market, Vienna
Phonica, London
Rave Up, Vienna
Red Eye, Ipswich (UK)
Substance, Vienna
Tongues, Vienna

Dubsquare 007 out now!
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»Twisted, UK post-Dubstep/UK leaning, crispy, dubbed out House«
(Hardwax, Berlin)

label: Dubsquare Records
catalogue number: DSQ-007
artist: Rer Repeter
title: Poison Will Be Hidden EP
side A: Poison Will Be Hidden (11:43)
side B: Shady Sands (4:00), Obviously Everything Has Changed (8:30)
mastering: Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering, Berlin
release date: 11 Nov 2013
format: 12″ vinyl at 33rpm (200 copies, no digital formats)

A1: Poison Will Be Hidden (11:43)
B1: Shady Sands (4:00)
B2: Obviously Everything Has Changed (8:30)

mastered by Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering, Berlin
pressing: r.a.n.d. muzik, Leipzig

available here:
Hardwax, Berlin
Honest Jon’s, London
Market, Vienna
Optimal, Munich
Rave Up, Vienna
Red Eye, Ipswich (UK)
Substance, Vienna
Tongues, Vienna
(more shops to be added soon)

or get in touch directly at records(at)dubsquare(dot)net

Rer Repeter – Shady Sands
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Rer Repeter – Poison Will Be Hidden EP (Dubsquare 12″ DSQ007)

Side A: Poison Will Be Hidden
Side B: Shady Sands/Obviously Everything Has Changed

Out on 11 Nov 2013.

In the making…
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in the making...

Dubsquare 006 out now!
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»Fresh, sparse, percussive, original Dubstep rooted & UK Funky leaning EP«
(Hardwax, Berlin)

»encapsulating the dance floor in pleasure (…) unique and interesting«
(Resident Advisor, Japan)

label: Dubsquare Records
catalogue number: DSQ-006
artist: IZC
title: Tacky’s Revolt EP
side A: Tacky’s Revolt (4:31), Red String Conspiracy (3:43)
side B: Ginger Sample (5:57), Say It (3:52)
mastering: Transition London
release date: 10 Dec 2012
format: 12″ vinyl at 33rpm (limited to 150 copies, no digital formats)

Available exclusively at vinyl specialist recordshops:
Germany: Hardwax Records, Berlin
UK: Red Eye Records, Ipswich
Austria: Market, Rave Up, Substance, Tongues

Offseason vinyl

More black plastic is coming from Graz this month as Offseason are kicking off their 7″ vinyl series. The first release features two ultra-dark killers by Re-lay. 002 brings two versions of ’5am’ by IZC, the original and a beatless ‘devil mix’. Both releases are stricktly limited to 111 records. Offseason 001 and 002 are vailable at Hardwax Distribution and at your favorite recordshop.

Reviews (DSQ-005)
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» Warm techno/electro rooted techy dubstep related EP «
(Hardwax, Berlin)

» Very nice and mysterious working Dubstep / Techno «
(Space Hall, Berlin)

Reviews DSQ-004
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John Eden for Datacide Magazine, 2012

» With their recent 12 on Lo dubs being remixed by LV and XI the Austrian duo are back on local label Dubsquare pushing the deeper edge of dubstep.’Extremey Cheap and Effective’ with its unrelenting rhythm synocpated with distant bleeps and stabs is a heads down bubbler, minimal and progressive in the same breath. Techno maestro Franz Pomassl makes a rare appearance on remix duties adding tension and drama brimming with analog warmth and searching bass. With a 2 step swing to get your head rolling ‘Done Already’is techno infused future garage on tip of its own while 2nd B side ‘Interference’ takes you back down deeper on a sea of bass. «
(Underground Dweller, Bristol)

» Far out EP on the edge of avant dubstep, industrial techno & sparse UK garage – TIP! «
(Hardwax, Berlin)

» Experimental working stuff «
(Space Hall, Berlin)

» dark tech-step release «
(Drowning in Drones, Vienna)

Dubsquare 004/005 out now!
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New releases by El Rakkas (004) and Ca.tter (005) will be available in all good recordshops from Monday, May 30th 2010. Four tracks each, 12″ vinyl, 300 copies each, no digital formats.


DSQ-004 (forthcoming) by dubsquare

El Rakkas debuted last year with a 12″ on Lo Dubs, with remixes by LV and XI released only a few weeks ago. Their new EP on Dubsquare Records combines dark, bass-heavy techno-sounds with a Horsepower-ish 2-step swing. The remix by Pomassl (Laton/Raster-Noton) turns the original into a highly experimental but nevertheless danceable warehouse experience.

DSQ-005 (forthcoming) by dubsquare

With her second release on the label, Ca.tter continues to develop her very own version of Detroit-influenced bass-music. Double Helix (LHF), who has just been signed to Blackdown’s Keysound-label, contributs a remix of 4th Motion, setting Ca.tter’s Neo-Detroit in the context of mid-90s-Jungle.

Available at all good recordstores worldwide, e.g. Bounce (Vienna), Drop (Bath), Hardwax (Berlin), Juno (London), Market (Vienna), Red Eye (Ipswich), Space Hall (Berlin), Substance (Vienna), Triple Vision (Rotterdam) and others.

DSQ-004/005 in the making
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The next two releases on Dubsquare (004/005) are on their way… we’ve been to Transition this week and the vinyl (and it’s gonna be vinyl only!) should be in the shops early May!

DSQ-004: El Rakkas – Extremely Cheap And Effective EP
Side A: Extremely Cheap And Effective (original / Pomassl remix)
Side B: Done Already / Interference

DSQ-005: Ca.tter – 4th Motion EP
Side A: 4th Motion (original / Double Helix remix)
Side B: Never / Babypolitics

transition mastering

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