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Reviews IZC: Zig-Zag EP (disko606)
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Packing his track with melting synth patterns, recurring sounds of demonic chimes, and viciously shuffling percussion, Viennese producer IZC proves he is not afraid to explore strange sounds with “Untitled,” a cut from his analog-centric Zig Zag EP. The loosely constructed production consistently evokes tension and a relentless feeling of dread, effectively showing off the artist’s capabilities in forging dark, ominous atmospheres. Before it drops in digital formats on April 21, the rest of IZC’s Zig Zag EP can be streamed in full after the jump.
(Derek Kaneko, XLR8R)

Release-of-the-month however, has to go to this 4 track EP from Viennese producer IZC. Mixing up influences from Techno, UK Funky, Detroit House and more, ‘Zig Zag’ delves into a world of killer sub hits, cold Grime rhythms and colder-still synth work. The title track acts as a highly accomplished and disorientating 4/4 heater, whilst the tension and immediacy of tracks like ‘Untitled’ and ‘Strings 2129’ are ready built for the dance. Add to that the slightest of warmth brought to proceedings via a stripped down hardware set-up, and you’ve got yourself something special for the heads-down camp.
(Louis Cook, Hyponik.com)

Austrian label disko404 get the honour of this latest release from dark techno producer IZC, his fifth EP since he debuted back on Dubsquare in 2008. He seems to get more malevolent with each record and this latest is pitch black, with cold, synth-driven dubstep on ‘Strings 2129’, an unnerving blend of 8-bit chips and drum ‘n’ bass on ‘Quizzical’ and queasy, crevasse-deep house on the title track. Guaranteed to test the mettle of your sound system, ‘Zig-Zag’ is a shot of future darkness that makes the chrome and smoke of Blade Runner seem like a tanning salon.

Zig-Zag” starts off straightforwardly enough, but it’s a much weirder track than one might initially give IZC credit. Its beat grows more jerky and erratic while its weird detuned synth bobs to and fro without any bassline, sort of a mutant techno that owes as much to the off-kilter tinkerings of Mark Fell as it does to the dancefloor. It’s almost like an improvised sketch more than a polished track, but it all works surprisingly well. “Strings 2129″ has a staggered kick/clap combo that feels aligned with UK funky with a touch of halfbeat, but otherwise it feels like a slightly dark, slinky stripped down techno cut. “Quizzical” splits the difference between those sounds and more traditional, classic electro in its sonic palette, a sparse arrangement of pitched claps, low-end sub bass, techy blips and sawtooth stabs.
My favorite might be “Untitled,” the last of the four cuts. Its sparse arrangement, consisting primarily of syncopated hihats and deep sub bass booms and wobbly synth attack zaps and tuneless falls, is strangely compelling even after a more traditional rhythm section falls in place halfway through. There’s something just “off” about each of these cuts that makes it inherently lovable, like oddball studio outtakes or sketches that are imperfect and unique. Highly recommended for adventurous DJs or fans of leftfield dance music.

Liminal Sounds
Earlier this month Viennese label Disko404 dropped its fifth release from hometown producer IZC, which is available digitally this week. The four-track ‘Zig Zag’ EP features a selection of raw, off the grid hardware productions that lurches between off-kilter techno and gnarled grime while maintaining a bleary-eyed swagger throughout.
Utilising a severely stripped back palette of sounds across the EP, IZC’s productions are uncompromising in their approach. On the A side, the titular track offsets a twisted, stuttering rhythm against a woozy arc of synths to disorienting and hypnotic effect. On the flip, IZC then takes this intensity and applies it to the taut grime structures of ‘Strings 2129’ and ‘Quizzical’. Finishing with digital-only bonus track ‘Untitled’, IZC lays out a sprawling spray of etherised synths over skeletal percussion that forms in fits and starts to relieve the building tension.
You can grab a free download of ‘Untitled’ via XLR8R and the full EP is available from all the usual places.
(Sam Elsewhere, Liminalsounds.com)

DJ Mag, May 2014
(DJ Mag, May 2014)

Groove Magazine, May 2014
(Groove Magazine, May 2014)

disko606 by IZC out now
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»a shot of future darkness that makes the chrome and smoke of Blade Runner seem like a tanning salon« (Bleep, London)

»a relentless feeling of dread«
(XLR8R, San Francisco)

label: disko404 Records
catalogue number: disko606
distribution: Cargo UK
artist: IZC
title: Zig-Zag EP
side A: Zig-Zag (5:15)
side B: Strings 2129 (4:09), Quizzical (4:10)
side X: Untitled (5:24)
mastering: Transition, London
release date: 7 Apr 2014
format: 12″ vinyl + digital formats

12″ available here:
Boomkat, Manchester
Jet Set, Japan
Juno, UK
Market, Vienna
Phonica, London
Rave Up, Vienna
Red Eye, Ipswich (UK)
Substance, Vienna
Tongues, Vienna

Dubsquare Records 007
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On “Poison Will Be Hidden”, Rer Repeter delivers three bass-heavy Dub House tracks with a 2-Step twist. Far from being a newcomer to the label, he was already one half of El Rakkas. This time around, however, Rer Repeter cut down the BPM and trimmed his basslines for the advanced house floor, yet preserving his raw and minimalist sound trademark.

»Twisted, UK post-Dubstep/UK leaning, crispy, dubbed out House«
(Hardwax, Berlin)

label: Dubsquare Records
catalogue number: DSQ-007
artist: Rer Repeter
title: Poison Will Be Hidden EP
side A: Poison Will Be Hidden (11:43)
side B: Shady Sands (4:00), Obviously Everything Has Changed (8:30)
release date: 11 Nov 2013
format: 12″ vinyl at 33rpm (200 copies, no digital formats)

A1: Poison Will Be Hidden (11:43)
B1: Shady Sands (4:00)
B2: Obviously Everything Has Changed (8:30)

mastering: Stefan Betke at Scape Mastering, Berlin
pressing: r.a.n.d. muzik, Leipzig
distribution: Road2Ruin

available here:
Hardwax, Berlin
Honest Jon’s, London
Market, Vienna
Optimal, Munich
Rave Up, Vienna
Red Eye, Ipswich (UK)
Substance, Vienna
Tongues, Vienna
(more shops to be added soon)

or get in touch directly at records(at)dubsquare(dot)net

Rer Repeter – Shady Sands
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Rer Repeter – Poison Will Be Hidden EP (Dubsquare 12″ DSQ007)

Side A: Poison Will Be Hidden
Side B: Shady Sands/Obviously Everything Has Changed

Out on 11 Nov 2013.

In the making…
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in the making...

Offcast #21: Rer Repeter
21/09/2013 | en, Records | Leave a comment

The latest Offcast comes from Rer Repeter, whose “Poison Will Be Hidden EP” is due to be released in October 2013 on Dubsquare Records.

Offcast #21 is also available for download here.

Dubsquare Records 006
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On “Tacky’s Revolt”, IZC presents four analogue and sparse tracks between Soca, Elektro, and Grime. Certainly not a usual record, but an uncompromising and hard-hitting smasher for the dancefloor.

»Fresh, sparse, percussive, original Dubstep rooted & UK Funky leaning EP«
(Hardwax, Berlin)

»encapsulating the dance floor in pleasure (…) unique and interesting«
(Resident Advisor, Japan)

label: Dubsquare Records
catalogue number: DSQ-006
artist: IZC
title: Tacky’s Revolt EP
side A: Tacky’s Revolt (4:31), Red String Conspiracy (3:43)
side B: Ginger Sample (5:57), Say It (3:52)
release date: 10 Dec 2012
format: 12″ vinyl at 33rpm (limited to 150 copies, no digital formats)

mastering: Transition, London
pressing: r.a.n.d. muzik, Leipzig
distribution: Road2Ruin

Available exclusively at vinyl specialist recordshops:
Germany: Hardwax Records, Berlin
UK: Red Eye Records, Ipswich
Austria: Market, Rave Up, Substance, Tongues

Offseason vinyl
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More black plastic is coming from Graz this month as Offseason are kicking off their 7″ vinyl series. The first release features two ultra-dark killers by Re-lay. 002 brings two versions of ‘5am’ by IZC, the original and a beatless ‘devil mix’. Both releases are stricktly limited to 111 records. Offseason 001 and 002 are vailable at Hardwax Distribution and at your favorite recordshop.


»Limitierte Pressung von nur 111 Stück. Einschlagende Post-Dubstep/Ambient-Dub-Platte aus österreichischer Produktion!! Von der Berliner Top-Adresse für High-Tech-Dub ‘Hard Wax’ empfohlen: Ein Dubbass-Meisterwerk aller erster Güte! Zwei Versionen, auf denen sich der heftige Bass jeweils wie Rauch im Nebel verbreitet. 111 limitierte Stück mit Seriennummern. Produzent IZC sorgt mit dieser Platte für Verdacht auf internationalen Durchbruch. Er kommt vom bekannten österreichischen Label Dubsquare, das schon das beliebte Duo El Rakkas (sie hatten ihr Debut beim berühmten US-Dubstep-Label Lo Dubs) released hat. Wir haben nur wenige Platten ergattert. Wer zuerst kommt, malt zuerst!«
(Jet Set Recordshop, Tokyo; translation by Ariane)

Reviews (DSQ-005)
01/12/2010 | en, Records | Leave a comment

» Warm techno/electro rooted techy dubstep related EP «
(Hardwax, Berlin)

» Very nice and mysterious working Dubstep / Techno «
(Space Hall, Berlin)

Reviews DSQ-004
01/12/2010 | en, Records | Leave a comment

John Eden for Datacide Magazine, 2012

» With their recent 12 on Lo dubs being remixed by LV and XI the Austrian duo are back on local label Dubsquare pushing the deeper edge of dubstep.’Extremey Cheap and Effective’ with its unrelenting rhythm synocpated with distant bleeps and stabs is a heads down bubbler, minimal and progressive in the same breath. Techno maestro Franz Pomassl makes a rare appearance on remix duties adding tension and drama brimming with analog warmth and searching bass. With a 2 step swing to get your head rolling ‘Done Already’is techno infused future garage on tip of its own while 2nd B side ‘Interference’ takes you back down deeper on a sea of bass. «
(Underground Dweller, Bristol)

» Far out EP on the edge of avant dubstep, industrial techno & sparse UK garage – TIP! «
(Hardwax, Berlin)

» Experimental working stuff «
(Space Hall, Berlin)

» dark tech-step release «
(Drowning in Drones, Vienna)

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